September 2016



Fishing in an exotic place like Mauritius is an experience that often starts with a question. For the numerous phone calls and emails I receive everyday about deep sea fishing in Mauritius, here is a list of the most common questions:

Do we need a fishing license?

No it is a sport recreation. It is the charter you are fishing with who’ll need this. Choose professionnal fishing charters registered with the Mauritius Tourism Board.


How much it costs?

Deep sea fishing can cost around $200 to more than $1,000 in Mauritius. The price asked by fishing charters will depend on the

  1. boat size & gears

  2. fishing location

  3. trip length

  4. number of people onboard

  5. food and drinks

  6. and crew experience


We care to give our anglers the best big game fishing price in Mauritius. Our prices start from $320 for a half day fishing trip on a private charter of 42ft (Le Performant 3). Ask for a free quote


Big game fishing season in Mauritius?

As one of my captains said, “in Mauritius it is always time to go fishing”. However, the optimum fishing season is during Mauritian summer, from November to April.

The thing is, fishing season or not, the most important is finding the right crew who can help you land trophy-sized marlins at any time of the year.


What to bring?

Fishing charters are usually fully geared to fight the ocean’s biggest predators. Equipment-wise, you don’t have to bring anything.

On the other hand here are some items that can prove to be handy on a fishing trip:

  • Lunch & snacks

  • Towels

  • Sunblocks

  • Medication for motion sickness

  • A digital camera


Hotel pickups?

At Le Performant, we offer free transfer to our anglers from and to their hotel or villa within a maximum range of 5 kilometres. If your hotel is located further away, don’t worry, give us a call, we will pick you for very little cost.


Fish species in Mauritius?

Very few fish species are seasonal in Mauritius. All year round you can expect, blue, black & striped marlins as well as numerous big game species like, sailfish, tunas, sharks, Wahoos and Dorados. For a more detailed view, please check our chart of fish species in Mauritius.


Keep my fish – catch & release?

It is important to know that crew keeps the catch. The captain is the sole owner of your catch. This is per compliance to local hygienic regulations.


However, fishing with Le Performant will allow you to keep a small part of your catch for cooking. This has to be agreed at least one day before the fishing trip.


We often catch and release young marlins and other species for environmental purposes.


Bad weather?

Fishing trips depart rain or shine. However the captain deserves the right to cancel the big game fishing in case of dangerous weather conditions.


Have other questions?

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