Apr 9, 2018


All about big game fishing equipments


Big Game Fishing Equipments:

Big game fishing requires a boat of sufficient seaworthiness and arrangements to transport the crew to the fishing ground and back. The basic big game fishing equipments include rods, reels, lines and the terminal tackles.
These consist of some or all of the following: swivels, leaders, hooks, weight (sinkers), lures (plugs) or baits. You may also need chum buckets and scoops (used for putting chopped baits into the water, usually while shark fishing).
A stand-up belt allows you to rest the butt of the pole in a notch, giving you better leverage when fighting your catches.big_game_fishing_equipments

Choosing reels and a rods (usually called a blank) can be difficult or complicated, simply because there are so many choices. Many rod manufacturers provide guides to help one pick a suitable reel.
There is an endless number of combinations possible with all of these pieces of equipments. The best advice is to talk with a pro in an angling specialty store. Pro Fishing Tackle and Boat Equipments will provide anyone that. Do visit our shop.


Big-game rods generally have stainless steel roller guides (the rings through which the line runs to the tip of the pole) that are designed for trolling and stand-up fishing. The rollers reduce friction and stress on the line during a fight. These rods also typically feature elongated foam grips that provide better traction and leverage for fighting big fish.

The test of a reel is how it performs over time. Better quality reels have three to five or more sets of ball bearings and will last over time. Good reels have three things in common: A large spool that should hold about 3,000 feet of line, a lever drag system that remains set and powerful gearing so you can pull the stretch out of the line if a fish goes deep.

Diameters, elasticities, stretches and knot strengths all need to considered when choosing lines. All nylon lines stretch 10% to 35% under varying loads. Normal diameter lines resist abrasion better than super-thin lines.

Your choice of hook types and sizes is definitely influenced by your lines. All hooks come in a short, regular or long shank versions. The shank of the hook is the part between the eye of the hook and the bend.big_game_fishing_equipments

Example for simpler knowledge about big game fishing equipments:
Boat size: 50 feet in length (about 16 meters)
Navigation equipment: Furumo GPS, compass Platimor Offshore, Sondeur Furumo
Communication equipment: VHF Radio Furumo, cell phone
Cartograph: Fijutsu
Safety equipment: life jackets, life buoys, medical box, fire extinguishers, anchor, automatic and manual water pump
Fishing equipment: Penn International reels (typically a selection of 130 lbs, 80 lbs and 50 lbs), harness, bucket, gaff, 2 units of outriggers, fighting chairs and wide choice of lures and exciters.

What is Big Game Fishing ?


Make sure to know the activity ! – what is big game fishing?

Big game fishing is a recreational form of fishing which aims at capturing huge fishes. The big game fishing concerns a multitude of mainly tropical species such as the giant Blue Marlin, the Black marlin, Mako sharks, Tuna (striped, yellow, red tuna), the Wahoo, the Bonito, the Sailfish, the Dorado, the swordfish, trevally, grouper, amberjack fish, dolphinfish (also known as mahi-mahi), spearfish, barracuda, skipjack, and albacore etc.


Warm deep blue waters, a gorgeous weather and prime fishing spots teaming up with big game species; all conspired for your once-in-a-lifetime experience. The excitement mounts and as the catch is resolutely reeled to the surface, the rush of adrenaline felt is unparalleled.

Also known as deep-sea fishing, it can be enjoyed together with family and friends. While at sea, keep your eyes alert to stand the chance of witnessing unique displays and shows by Mother Nature’s creatures.

Whether you are a professional, passionate or novice, it always provides incredible sensations that no other fishing activities can match to. Strong in emotions, twists and memories, it is also the subject of many tourist excursions.


Amidst that idyllic setting, anglers / fishermen will feel privileged to have the infinite blue sea to themselves, and to have all the time in the world to make the dreams of the perfect catch come true. During fishing trips, people may have the opportunity to admire the superb coastline and the occasional dolphins or whales frolicking near the boat. Admiring these magnificent creatures as they evolve in their natural environment is a treat in itself. Exclusivity is guaranteed.

For sure, Le Performant will ensure you an amazing experience, as well as a complete enjoyment of the trips.

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