Big game fishing also known as deep sea fishing in other parts of the world is a very popular activity in Mauritius. These fishing excursions are supervised by professional fishing charters and are accessible for beginners too. 

It won’t take you long to notice that Mauritius is a fishing destination. Nearly all Mauritian beaches are natural marinas for fishing vessels, catamarans and glass bottoms. If you always dreamed of fighting the tenacious blue marlin, Mauritius is the perfect ring for you (both).

In favour of its tropical atmosphere, Mauritius is an underwater wonderland of marine biodiversity, especially pelagic fish species which love the warm waters surrounding the island. The richness of the Indian Ocean is probably best portrayed by the unique aquatic fauna of the island.

Thought the island is famed to be an all year round sport fishing destination, the best time for fishing in Mauritius is during summer, from November to April. Winter is great for fishing too, but the biggest catches always come during Mauritian summer.

For the big game fishing enthusiast, there is an assortment of fish species in Mauritius. The most frequently caught fish are: blue marlin, black marlin, billfish, Dorado, wahoo, barracuda, trevally, bonito, tiger and hammerhead sharks.

The best places for big game fishing in Mauritius are off the east, north, and west coast. If you are a professional angler, we’ll guide you to the best fishing banks in Mauritius, like the Sudan and Hawkins bank.

If you are a seasonal or a complete amateur, Mauritius is the ideal destination for deep sea fishing nautical miles off the coast. Our team of anglers will share with you the various methods and techniques of fishing in Mauritius, like the increasingly popular jig fishing.


Big game fishing in Mauritius is an activity that words can barely describe, come join us for the real adventure. 


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