Per se, Mauritius is a great holiday destination. But if you are a soul angler, or you always dreamed of getting a blue marlin beached, Mauritius is where you will want to spend your next holidays.

We could have listed dozens of them, but marlins, athletic sailfish, colorful dorados and a variety of tunas and sharks are the most common fish species in Mauritius. And you get the idea, Mauritius is a copious fishing destination.

Besides fishing, there are plenty of activities to do (you can use this to convince wifey) in Mauritius. Inland, 10 000 feet up in the sky, or at the speed of waves, there is always something enjoy. Plus, there are several great hotels and resorts to spend some memorable time (use this too)!

To be serious, it can be the best time to share your fishing passion with your children and family members while you are in Mauritius. You will off the coast with professional anglers and it is not a problem if your dear ones never saw a fishing reel or don’t know how to use one. However, as their first time deep sea fishing, we recommend you bring sea motion medication, to be on the safe side.

In fact, last month one of our clients, who knew anything about fishing won a 3 hour battle against a 127 lbs. Yellowfin tuna and that was quite impressive. And yes, you might want to check our Facebook Page to see what we have been catching lately.

If the west and northern seas are reputed to be more fishing-friendly, you can fish pretty much everywhere around Mauritius. The west and the northern seas of Mauritius have numerous underwater pit. As a result water depth can drastically change from 30 to 300 meters. Species like sailfish, marlins and sharks love these submarine layer-holes. And at these depths you should expect nothing less than 100 lbs., so get your forearms ready for work.

At Le Performant Sport Fishing, we have a fleet of 4 boats anchored in the north and the east of the island. Each of our boats is fully equipped to help you land trophy-sized marlins. Rod, reels, lures, echo sounders, VHF radios and security systems, are some of our professional fishing gears.