Make sure to know the activity ! – what is big game fishing?

Big game fishing is a recreational form of fishing which aims at capturing huge fishes. The big game fishing concerns a multitude of mainly tropical species such as the giant Blue Marlin, the Black marlin, Mako sharks, Tuna (striped, yellow, red tuna), the Wahoo, the Bonito, the Sailfish, the Dorado, the swordfish, trevally, grouper, amberjack fish, dolphinfish (also known as mahi-mahi), spearfish, barracuda, skipjack, and albacore etc.


Warm deep blue waters, a gorgeous weather and prime fishing spots teaming up with big game species; all conspired for your once-in-a-lifetime experience. The excitement mounts and as the catch is resolutely reeled to the surface, the rush of adrenaline felt is unparalleled.

Also known as deep-sea fishing, it can be enjoyed together with family and friends. While at sea, keep your eyes alert to stand the chance of witnessing unique displays and shows by Mother Nature’s creatures.

Whether you are a professional, passionate or novice, it always provides incredible sensations that no other fishing activities can match to. Strong in emotions, twists and memories, it is also the subject of many tourist excursions.


Amidst that idyllic setting, anglers / fishermen will feel privileged to have the infinite blue sea to themselves, and to have all the time in the world to make the dreams of the perfect catch come true. During fishing trips, people may have the opportunity to admire the superb coastline and the occasional dolphins or whales frolicking near the boat. Admiring these magnificent creatures as they evolve in their natural environment is a treat in itself. Exclusivity is guaranteed.

For sure, Le Performant will ensure you an amazing experience, as well as a complete enjoyment of the trips.

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